Last chance for the weekend……

I have TWO spots left for mini sessions THIS Saturday morning! If there are more than two interested, I might open up Sunday morning too!

Great house, great location!  I’m also obsessed with the master closet!

Real Estate photography is something that I started doing a couple of years ago.  I love doing it!  Agents, if you book me for the first time in the month of September (the shoot doesn’t necessarily have to take place in September, just the booking), I will give you 20% off the cost of the shoot!  So spread the word!

The Fordhams are of course, adorable as you can clearly see.  Not only that but they carry such peace coupled with a sense of adventure.  I’ve done many kid sessions and I’ve pretty much seen it all.  Some are harder than others but I always walk away seeing it a little differently than the parents.  I know what it’s like to be a parent and wanting your kids to cooperate for pictures (hence why I couldn’t even send out a Christmas card last year).  The thing that the parents don’t usually see until the pictures come back is that even when the conditions seem tough, there is almost always a smile or a smirk that is in there that can be captured.  Sometimes it’s stepping back and allowing them to just be who they are.  It creates an environment that is safe and authentic for them.  I know I’m going off a little here but I really see these sessions a little differently now.  I think it’s so important to capture who the kids (families, individuals) TRULY are.  The pictures end up being ones that you will look back on years later and smile, remembering how they were and the authentic smile that they had at that age.  The Fordham kids are such sweet kids.  The boys wanted to help their little sister, who wanted NOTHING to do with me or especially my camera.  Whitney (their mom) and I finally stepped back and just let them be and play and through that, were able to catch some sweet photos that show their true selves.

Eli is fun and adventurous.  He will have a very positive influence on the world….

Cooper has such a sweet, gentle spirit and extremely kind.  He will be a safe place for people….

Avery is powerful and full of grace…

Big brothers helping to distract and entertain their little sister….

Avery was a little stuck on the word “no” throughout most of the shoot (see first pic below) so Whitney pulled out all the stops, gave her a phone, and let her be.  We ended up getting some great smiles out of her (see below)….

…and like every good event with boys, it ends in a tackle 😉

Cooper, Avery and Eli….

It’s time to start thinking about Fall sessions!  I have set my mini session schedule and have already started booking people (early).  If you want a spot, grab it now.  I have several options but it’s first come, first serve.  The locations are different each day so make sure to ask before picking the day, if that matters to you. For info on dates and pricing, email me: or you can text/call me: (830) 998-5802.

This house has so much potential!  The yard alone (front and back) is amazing with so many trees and space!  It’s worth going to see for sure.



Meet the Chester Family!  I was referred to them through a friend this summer and I’m so glad for that!  They were such a fun family to hang out with and photograph.  I took my oldest son (age 9) as my assistant for this shoot and upon leaving he said, “Mom, they were such a nice family.  I’m so glad I got to go with you.” I felt the same way.  They were friendly, easy-going and fun.  It’s families like The Chesters that make my job not feel like work.  Here are a few of my favorites from their session….

In late Spring, I had the opportunity to drive up to Fredericksburg to photograph some jewelry for a local store, The Texas Silver Rush.  We had one model and a few hours to shoot on a VERY warm day! We only photographed a few pieces that day but have plans for more to come in early August. The owner of the store, Joe Remini, has put his heart and soul into his business, creating some beautiful pieces that are appealing to many! Located right on Main St., you will walk in and feel very welcomed with a small town hospitality that is harder to find these days. If ever in Fredericksburg, they are definitely worth checking out!

Meet one of the most fun families ever! I laughed throughout the whole session with them. It’s not always fun to have your picture(s) taken, but they definitely made it so! We took these out at their family place in the hill country. It was beautiful!