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I have known Becca since she was 9 years old!! It’s beyond crazy to me that she is getting married! I know that it is so cliche to say this, but I really can’t believe time has flown by this fast!  For those of you that know The Myers, worked at camp or were on Tim Team and have watched Becca grow up, you know exactly what I am talking about!  Becca is a true example of a godly woman and just a great all around person. I can’t say that I know Garrett well enough to make such claims, but from what I have heard about him and from the time that I have spent with the two of them, it’s pretty safe to say that he is the perfect man for Becca.  He brings out such joy in her.  I have enjoyed engagement sessions in the past and have laughed during them, but this was the only session so far that made my cheeks hurt from smiling/laughing.  They were so much fun to photograph!  Okay, enough from me.  Here are their pics…..

field2 color

field BW double field BW double field color

porch BW

porch color close-up

double BW porch

double BW barn

single jeans

double stump

single dandelion

double dandelion

sneak peek

double BW main

double red

double purple flower

double chairs

long horizontal flowers

double cactus

double cards2

cards BW

sitting on bridge

phone booth

leaning on tree double

double coke logo2

double swing

field double

double coke logo

double brick wall

double walkway

cheers 2


double spinning





double walking

double barn door2

double heart tree

general store

double door and river3


double porch a