In late Spring, I had the opportunity to drive up to Fredericksburg to photograph some jewelry for a local store, The Texas Silver Rush.  We had one model and a few hours to shoot on a VERY warm day! We only photographed a few pieces that day but have plans for more to come in early August. The owner of the store, Joe Remini, has put his heart and soul into his business, creating some beautiful pieces that are appealing to many! Located right on Main St., you will walk in and feel very welcomed with a small town hospitality that is harder to find these days. If ever in Fredericksburg, they are definitely worth checking out!

Meet one of the most fun families ever! I laughed throughout the whole session with them. It’s not always fun to have your picture(s) taken, but they definitely made it so! We took these out at their family place in the hill country. It was beautiful!

Hello beautiful colors!! This house is so bright, vibrant and inviting! The clean, crisp feel makes you want to hang out in there all day. Not to mention the amazing outside entertainment area! The pool, the outdoor kitchen and seating areas are so inviting! The house is located on the island of Key Allegro, a very highly sought after place to vacation. This newly remodeled gem (that has FIVE bedrooms) will be ready for bookings soon!


In honor of Mother’s Day coming up, I’m doing mini sessions for JUST moms and their kids!  Moms, how many times do you look through your pictures and see your kids, your husband with the kids and grandparents with your kids? I bet there are very few of YOU with your kids.  At least this is how it is in my family.  I have big canvases on my walls filled with pictures of my kids and my husband with our kids.  I literally have so few pictures that I am actually in.  I told Shane that all I want for Mother’s Day is for him to take my camera and shoot some pics of me with the kids.  I mean, seriously.  Moms need to be in pictures with their kids.  They need documented PROOF that they were there with them in the little years!  So book your spot in these mini sessions.  They will be fun and interactive!

My longest friend! Carey and I grew up together from little babies to having babies of our own. It’s always fun hanging out with this crew. They keep things light and entertaining! Here are a few of my favorites from their mini session….




Get ready for some CUTE kids! Paige’s kiddos have been the subjects of many of my photo shoots in the past. Now that Cates has a baby, I get to photograph him as well :). Here are some of my favs…..

Now that Fiesta is over, it’s back to work. I have to say, it was nice taking a week off for fun Fiesta events and parades, but I am TIRED. So, recover one week from all the fun and then NEXT WEEK (May 7-13) get some Spring pictures taken! I promise to make it as quick and stress-free as possible. There are a few spots left so let me know if you want to grab one.

April 21, 2017 in Babies, children, Families

Fiesta! The ten-day festival held in San Antonio every Spring, begins! This is definitely a favorite time of year for San Antonio residents (or those visiting). With a multitude of parades, Mexican food, margaritas, pinatas, parties and more; you really can find something to do every minute of the week. To top it off, you get to dress in the most fun, colorful attire all week (if you choose 😉 ).

My parents love to send out a Christmas card of their grandkids every year, but the newest baby wasn’t born in time for that.  This year my mom decided to do something completely different; a Fiesta card.  I recently took some pictures of all the grands (with much help from my sister, mom and sister-in-law) for said card. Let’s just say, it was a process.

Many times people only see the FINAL product of a picture.  This is after ALL the weeding out and editing happens. The final picture that was actually sent out by my mom looked very “put-together.”  Well let me just tell you, it didn’t start off that way. It appeared (on the card) that we have the most well-behaved, photogenic little angels.  Ha! In fact, the outtakes WAY out-number the chosen pics. Here is a glimpse into what REALLY happens during a shoot…..



We stop for kisses…

We try to control, I mean “help” the little ones…

We pester each other…

Then we get a “pep talk” (in this case, MANY pep talks)….

Sometimes we pick our noses….

and get very annoyed…

Or forget about personal space…

and definitely get very tired and delirious…

and then…..VOILA!

The final product!……with a lot of extra work; let’s be serious.




One of my favorite families, The Dyers. I’m super late in posting this, but better late than never! They welcomed their sweet baby, Ellie, back in November. She is the cutest! Now they have TWO of the cutest kiddos ever! Check out some of my favorites from their session…..


With rain in the forecast, I have decided to reschedule the mini sessions. The new dates (and price) are posted below…