Erin and I are long-time friends. Her sister, Ashley and I were best friends growing up so I spent many days at their house and on trips with their family. Erin and her family moved back to Texas recently after living in Ohio for several years. Of course, being a Texan again means the traditional bluebonnet pictures are a must! I love that her boys, yes she has FOUR of them, were wearing jeans, boots and cowboy belt buckles. It was perfect! Of course the baby wasn’t quite ready for the Texas gear yet. This photo session was so funny. Not only were her boys entertaining and hilarious to work with, but we had a panic moment of almost running out of gas while out in the middle of nowhere with absolutely no gas stations for miles. With the air turned off and the windows rolled down, we thankfully coasted back into town and straight to the nearest gas station. I have to say, it was a thrill and added to the experience :). Now check out these cuties below…

single horizontal tyler

double charlie

single horizontal austin BW

horizontal ryan

double charlie with blue bonnets

double tyler blue bonnet pick

single horizontal austin

double tyler

horizontal charlie

double ryan BW

single long horizontal blue bonnets